Devlog #3: Quests and the Curses they can bring

Hey Everyone!

Its CJ here with another update for you on our recent work. Over the past week we've begun putting together the final map with a few people demoing the combat and giving us feedback as we build it. Josh has been working on the finishing touches to our quest system and it looks great... Except when we tries to push it to the Demo build it crashed and started deleting itself. 

Unsure of how to  solve the problem we have been hard loading and testing it again in order to get it work and check off that box. Craig has also been polishing the magic system trying to get it clean and crisp for all you survivors out there. Just as a heads up, the page is going to be under a bit of construction as more images get uploaded and the description gets changed as well. 

One final chunk of new is that we have begun working with a musician to create a unique soundtrack for the game! As soon as he gives us the ok his name is getting thrown up here and hopefully we can share a sample mp3 of his work. If you like the idea feel free to comment!

Till next time, 

CJ Rollins

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